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This Week's Menu: (*substitutes to be posted this afternoon) 6/10-Monday- Cabbage Roll (No Sub) Pacific Blend Vegetables Chunky Applesauce Chocolate Cupcakes Evening Meal- Honey BBQ Wings 6/11-Tuesday- Hearty Vegetable Soup Chicken Salad on Croissant Relishes Fresh Fruit *SALAD Bar (Sub: Beef Stroganoff) 6/12-Wednesday- Western Egg Bake Sausage Links Brown Bread Tossed Salad Melon Mix (SUB: Smothered Chicken) 6/13-Thursday- Swedish Meatballs Rice Country Garden Vegetables Spinach Mandarin Salad Cherry Jell-O (No SUB) 6/14-Friday- Roast Beef Mashed Potatoes California Vegetables Tossed Salad Frosted Cake (SUB: Chicken Alfredo) 6/15-Saturday-CLOSED 6/16-Sunday FATHER's DAY BRUNCH & BBQ RIBS (Sub : Roast Beef)*SALAD BAR

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