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Hours & Directions

Main Center

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday

8am - 4pm

Lunch Hours:

Sunday - Friday

11am - 1pm

Dinner Hours:

Monday Only

4pm - 6pm

1831 E. 4th St.

Casper, WY 82601


Mills Center

Lunch Hours:

Monday - Friday

12pm - 1pm

401 Wasatch St.

Mills, WY 82644


Evansville Center

Lunch Hours:

Monday - Friday

12pm - 1pm

71 Curtis St.

Evansville, WY 82636


Map & Directions

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Jennifer Rohrer

Vice President

Elane Burkhalter


Richard Shamley


Errol Miller

Board Members

Crystal Burback       Carolyn Griffith

Jim Kirchen            Karen Kwedor

Linda Loranger             Frances Lujan

Dr. Shawn Powell

Casper Representative

Kenyne Humphrey

Executive Director

Caysie LaRue

Our Board of Directors

Our Staff

Meet the folks with the happy faces you’ll see when you visit us.

2 Ways 2 Help

We can get corporate donations when you shop. Here’s how.